Суперзвезда Инстаграма – Сэм Бровастый.

We first introduced you to the phenomenon that is dogs with eyebrows a few weeks back. It’s hilarious stuff for the simple reason that animals just don’t belong with human ‘brows. But while they might not belong together, animals sporting little forehead caterpillars is straight up hysterical.
That’s why we’re totally excited to share with you another variety of animal eyebrows, except this time it comes in the form of Sam the cat. His are also 100% real. This Instagram superstar hangs out like any other regular kitty, except that his defined brow features make photos 10 times funnier.
Is Sam concerned? Upset? Totally confused? We’re not sure. All we know is that this cat ranks up there as one of our favorite felines to date. Check him out below!

Фото: samhaseyebrows